Ted Curson

Wednesday August 8th, 2012, 7:42

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph the jazz-legend Ted Curson. This amazing 77-year-old trumpet player has played and recorded with practically every major player throughout the years and he has played at Pori Jazz -festival since 1966 – the first ever Pori Jazz. And you can’t believe the stories and the energy this guy had, still touring, still playing.

About the picture: It was taken in Cafe Jazz in Pori, a dark and edgy restaurant known of it’s Jazz Jams (and Curson) during the festival week. I had no lights whatsoever with me but I found a perfect spot from the corner of the Cafe, where two windows lit Ted in a great way. Luckily he was also wearing completely black clothes that disappeared in to the darkness behind him. As I usually do, I stressed how to manipulate him to give out some kind of interesting expression that is so vital for close-ups such as this one. Turned out that all the stressing was pointless. Every frame was perfect on his behalf.

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  1. Wow yey! Great refreshing work, Konsta! Greetings to Pori from Winterthur :)

  2. Thank you, Sanna!

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